Quality Management System

Mavera has established, implemented and maintained any requirement, procedure, activity or arrangement required to be documented...

Beyond from Within™

This motto speaks volumes more about itself. It address the idea of 'meticulous designed and engineered'.

State Of The Art Technology

Mavera Medical Devices Inc. guarantees that the products are designed, manufactured and packaged on application of the EN ISO 13485...

CPR™ technology

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Reinvedted!

Ultrasonic surgery is a surgical technique using an ultrasonic device- creating ultrasonic waves within a specific frequency range at a modulated frequency. It is designed to realize its intended use but not damage any of the adjacent soft tissues This surgical technique allows for the safe completion of more complex procedures.These waves cause a deformation of piezo ceramic rings which in turn, causes sets of vibrations to take place in an amplifier. These waves are then transmitted to a hand piece which cuts through bone tissue by shattering it on a microscopic level. This process has made many types of procedures less traumatic for patients, with less surrounding soft tissue damage, while also improving the healing process.


Second-to-None Technology


Mavera sets the basis for development of new medical devices from the ground up to address the unmet challenges in today's surgeries through the feedback of end-users.

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Information related to investors will also be announced at this section in due course. Thanks for bearing with us.

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Message from Management

This motto speaks volumes more about itself. It address the idea of 'meticulous designed and engineered'.

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Our Vision and Values

We at Mavera (employees, independent sales professionals and other employees) adhere to professionalism, common sense and our Credo (unchangeable principle). In today’s world of emerging technologies, we are inspired by helping people carry on their active lives by delivering unique solutions. We are inspired by the complexity of the human body environment to reach the advanced techniques.

  • Integrity
  • Execution
  • Embrace and drive change

Design defines so much of our experience.