Ultrasonic Surgery Sealing System

“A superior surgical method going beyond

just ‘cutting and sealing‘ the tissue.”

The Bluberry™ Ultrasonic Surgical Sealing System

A  Revolutionary Device Offering  Better  Results

  • Selecting and adapting tissue and reducing thermal injury
  • Providing advanced hemostasis


Mechanism of Action

     The Bluberry™ Ultrasonic Surgical Sealing System is used as an adjunct to or substitute for electro-surgery, laser surgery, and traditional scalpels in general, gynecological, thoracic surgery, and exposure to orthopedic structures (such as hip joint). The system is designed to be used in combination the Hand-piece and Transducer form a scissor-like device enabling the user to perform soft tissue cutting a sealing of small vessels whilst controlling bleeding by coaptive coagulation at low temperatures in the range of 50oC-100oC. When the blade couples with protein, coagulation occurs whereby protein denaturation, and this coagulum tamponades and seals vessels. System is used in soft tissue incisions and where bleeding control and minimum lateral thermal damage is wanted.

Principle of Operation

     Ultrasonic surgery is realized between 20-100 kHz. In principle, the outlet voltage is supplied at 50 to 60 hertz. The generator boosts the frequency to 54-56 K hertz. The resulting ultrasonic frequency is delivered into the hand-piece and amplified to the motion. After activation, the blade can vibrate 54.000-56.000 strokes per second and results in cavitation. The combination of low frequency ultrasonic energy and jaw pressure has ability to both cut and coagulate the tissue without current passage through the patient.

1-) Selecting and adapting tissue and reducing thermal injury:

Bluberry™ Ultrasonic Surgical Sealing System provides greater accuracy by regulating energy delivery when needed. The temperature begins to rise more rapidly during a transaction and as tissue divides. The tissue-compatibility algorithm responds by decreasing the power output. This change in audible activation tone provides an enhanced feedback mechanism and hemostasis is achieved. Consequently, unnecessary power output is decreased and this results in reducing thermal injury.1

2-) Providing advanced hemostasis:

Bluberry™ Ultrasonic Surgical Sealing System use vibration at 55.5 kHz in order to coagulate and cut tissue and seal vessels at the same time. Transmission of the vibration to the tissue provokes hydrogen bonds of proteinsfracture, and therefore denatures protein to form a coagulum, that seals the vessels and provides hemostasis at  low temperatures which is about 80°C and . This advanced hemostasis allows surgeons to seal up to 7mm diameter vessels and results in reduction in the unnecessary power output which can cause to thermal injury.2


 Bluberry™ Ultrasonic Surgical Sealing System is indicated for fragmentation, emulsification, resection and sealing of soft tissue when bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are important. Ultrasonic instruments and Bluberry™ Ultrasonic Surgical Sealing System instruments when used with the Bluberry™ Generator has not been shown to be effective for sterilization procedures or tubal coagulation. Do not use these instruments for these procedures.