Bioactive Glass for Bone Regeneration

Bioactive Bone Glass Substitute - Granules

                                         Inspired by Nature        Geared to remodel naturally

                                                     Superior biological performance

                                                       a sterie ready-to-use bone graft substitute


Composed of native bones components It bears No risk of Disease transmission - It provides an environement where it Inhibit Bacterial Growth

Its Unique structure provides a Biological active Bone Bonding -  Osteoconductive, Natural HA formation,  Faster Bone Remodelling,  Stimulation of Osteogenesis,  Osteogenic cell attachment,  Immediate mechanical stability

Maximum Porosity     Maximum Bioactivity   Engineered  Chemistry


Bioactive release of ion is spread around the neighboring tissue and react with bodily fluids.

This chemical reaction forms a layer on tissue acting as a calcium phosphate precipitation. This Surface creation attracts osteoblast to facilitate the new bone formation.

Chemical Bonding and Angiogenesis

A number of chemical and physical reaction on the surface of granules stimulate a chemical bonding process making the granules very cohesive to the host tissue . This process promote angioness (neovascularization ) the tissue.

3D SCAFFOLD Structure

When the granules are bonded together, the irregular granules (between 1-3mm) help to create a natural scaffold structure . This irregularly shaped structure helps to create 3D scaffold with a porosity of 75-80% macroporosity. This enables the new bone to grow around between and also through granules.


Degrades at the same rate as the bone is repaired;


Release of Na, Ca, Si and P from granules leads to an increase in pH (alkaline environment) and an increase in osmotic pressure, which makes the environment unfavorable for bacteria to grow


A rise in alkaline around granules help tissue heal faster than at lower PH in inflamatory process.


For filling, augmenting and reconstruction of bone voids and defects in the following surgeries